Membangunkan Semangat Menulis di Jurnal

Tulis menulis bukanlah hal yang biasa di INdonesia. Seseorang akan mengalami stress saat harus menulis


In case of A) you can try to upload your paper into places that google scholar tends to index . This includes subject repositories and institutional repositories. Even putting up as links on your cv page on your university websites might work.

You can also try uploading on sites like researchgate or indrawata. I assume though you have the legal rights to upload the paper.

If your paper A is already indexed or findable in GS but it is missing citations that you know exist  say from Paper B your options are more limited.

If Paper B cant be found in Google scholar you can hope that the author of paper B will upload it somewhere that google scholar will eventually pick up.

Unfortunately in many cases Paper B is already in Google scholar but the citation still doesnt go to your paper.

Such a case is far more tricky there are many reasons why cites to papers fail to be recognised including errors of citation etc.

In such cases not sure what you can do as i suspect reporting individual errors will be ignored by google. OpenVZ Debian















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